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With more than 20 years’ strong experience in motorsport, we have matured our insightful expertise in developing solutions and tools for racing performance analysis. Our target customers are motorsport teams, aiming to get a deeper understanding of their vehicles' behaviour and drivers’ performance during test sessions and races. Our tools can be applied to both cars and motorbikes with different levels of analysis depending on customer needs.



Providing our customer, power unit and vehicle dynamic virtual telemetries of their competitors, we give them the possibility to understand what the competitors are doing. Virtual telemetries can be obtained from on board cameras, GPS logs and delivered live to the customer during the session.


An example of some valuable analysis we usually carry out is the “side-by-side video compare”, a simple but powerful tool especially designed for drivers looking to get the most out of their vehicles. Thanks to the space-based analysis of laps with respect to the competitor’s best lap, the driver gets to know where he should improve through the time differential plotted below.



To get even more detailed information, a further tool is the “Ghost analysis”, which allows the comparison of different laps with the vehicle covering different trajectories and enables the driver and the team to understand the best way to face the most crucial sections of the track.   





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