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CASE STUDY: Splitting of standard ECU single-injection into a multi-injection pattern with the same total injection time



The Challenge

Developing a Rapid Control Prototyping system able to turn a single-injection logic command into a multiinjection pattern, while maintaining the same total injection time. In particular, the task was to generate up to four injections, with the possibility of adjusting duration and dwell times, by means of engine lookup tables spanned by engine speed or by manually changing the values through a set of potentiometers.


The Solution

Using MIRACLE to develop a system that acquires the standard ECU single-injection command and generates the multi-injection in the very same engine cycle, according to the multi-injection pattern defined by the user or automatically calculated from the engine map. In order to enable the manual control to
be performed, the system acquires six analog inputs from the potentiometers and processes them to change the multi-injection parameters.


National Instruments


Unibo Motorsport


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