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CASE STUDY: Multi turbo/electric turbo management



The Challenge

Evaluating of potential transient and static performance improvement for turbo engines in the lower rpm range of the power envelope, by using an electric compressor. Essentially the objective is to interface with the existing ECU in order to obtain certain information, such as the target boost value, and to drive the electric compressor and the bypass valves accordingly to the driver torque demand. In order to set this up and test it at the bench in the quickest way, the system has to be able to easily adapt the control laws to accommodate different electric compressors and turbocompressors, while evaluating different engine layouts.


The Solution

We chose to implement the controller on our MIRACLE platform, which allowed an easy interface with all sensors and devices required thanks to its extensive I/O. We used the CAN bus to communicate with the ECU and the electric compressor, whereas the fast digital I/O to control the bypass valves in closed loop.
The user interface, which runs on a standard PC or Laptop, is easy to use and allows for monitoring and configuring of the real-time model running on Miracle. The connection to the RT controller is made via a fast Ethernet connection.


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