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EV Powertrain Component Testing and custom applications


Power electronics, hybrid and EV powertrain testing

High voltage systems testing and validation

Automotive ECU validation

BUS and network interfaces

Connectivity and interdependence between vehicle systems





The HIL system is based on National Instruments VeriStand software platform. The typical hardware solution is based on an NI RT platform (such as RT-PC, PXI, cRIO) with the addition of other I/O modules from National Instruments, third party manufacturers and Alma Automotive’s custom devices. Exemplary list of features that can be modified based on specific user needs:


  • High voltage, high current capability
  • Battery cell simulation for BMS testing
  • Two-quadrant power supplies with regenerative capability
  • High bandwidth electronic loads
  • Isolate test area for high voltage testing
  • Embedded operator safety systems (isolation monitoring, fast high voltage bus discharge, lock pins, etc…)Real time controller with last generation processing power
  • Easy system definition with Veristand System Explorer interface
  • Base system configuration (step-time, CPU allocation)
  • HW channels definition (analog, digital, CAN)
  • Model DLL import from any supported modeling environment
  • User and calculated channels definition
  • Channel mappings
  • Custom devices setup
  • Stimulus profile editor
  • Data logging
  • Flexible GUI for easy run-time customization of the workspace
  • FPGA based engine simulation
  • Fault insertion units:
    • Power channels FIU (Fault Insertion Units);
    • Sensors channels FIU;
    • Make-before-break switch operation;
    • User selectable fault current limiting with feedback signals.
  • High resolution resistor simulation
  • Lambda simulation (HEGO/UEGO)
  • Standard communication bus (CAN, Ethernet, RS232, XCP, LIN)
  • Rugged desktop rack or custom enclosures
  • Liquid cooling systems with temperature and flow control for DUT



Modular HIL platform, built by four subsystems: the building blocks will be chosen to fit exactly your application.

  • Signal Conditioning Chassis: the main block, it hosts the conditioning modules and powers the NI I/O HW
  • Breakout Box
  • FIU block: it hosts powers and controls the fault insertion unit modules
  • Load Rack: it hosts the DUT loads that cannot be simulated. Fast change to rearrange the application. Custom made.


All the computational power you need

We can tune the computational power of the system on request. The National Instruments multi-platform approach makes it possible to scale the real time processor, from Arm® based computers to the latest Intel® based platforms. The system also includes a powerful FPGA to meet the most demanding real-time capability requirements.


Software requirements

NI Veristand Deployment or Full Development license.

For pricing, demo versions and further information, please contact us.






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