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Off-line analysis of in-cylinder pressure signals sampled by means of Alma Automotive's combustion analysis systems. 



Upon loading a data acquisition, the software shows the engine speed trace and allows selecting the desired cycle in order to view angle based graphs of:

  • In-cylinder pressure
  • Rate of Heat Release (ROHR)
  • Cumulative Heat Release (CHR)
  • Indicated Work (IW)
  • Indicated Torque (IT)
  • Estimated temperature (ET)


Graphs ca be displayed on angular/volume domain, with decimal/log scale.


It is possible to analyze many engine cycles at a time, in order to display cycle-based graphs: the cycle selection can be done directly on the engine speed window. Cycle based windows graphs can be used to display:

  • Indicated Mean Effective Pressure (IMEP, IMEPH, IMEPL)
  • Cumulative Heat Released
  • MFBxx (the burn percentage is configurable)
  • Knock indexes (MAPO, Integral)
  • Maximum in-cylinder Pressure and corresponding crankshaft angle (Pmax, APmax)
  • Maximum Pressure Gradient and corresponding crankshaft angle (PGmax, APGmax)
  • Combustion duration


Cycle-based windows can be used to create x-y- plots, choosing among the available measurements what to plot on the x and y axis. Histogram plots and sorted plots can also be created.


The analysis of the entire file or a portion can be saved (.txt or .mat formats): both files containing the sample-based information (pressure, ROHR, CHR, IW, IT, ET) and/or the cycle-based information can be created. The angular resolutio and number of engine cycles per file for the sample-based data can be selected by the user.


All the parameters influencing the calculations (TDC position, pressure referencing mode, low-pass/higg-pass filters, etc) can be accessed and changed(saved in configuration files.





Standard PC, with Windows XP 32bit, Vista 32bit/64bit, 7 32bit/64bit



The software can be used to analyze data sampled during an entire driving cycle (over 20 minutes long): the engine speed plot will be shown as the file is opened and the cycle portion to analyze/save can be selected directly on the graph using markers.


Labview Vis are available if open software is needed.



It is possible to include customer procedures to implement new measurements.


Software requirements

The software is provided as a royalty free compiled executable,which means that no other licenses are required (i.e. National Instruments Labview), apart Alma Automotive's.

For pricing, demo versions and further information, please contact us.


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