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Delivering excellence through our people

When we select our new employees, we seek passionate and talented people, with excellent hard and soft skills. Essentially we look for people who are creative, constructive and ready to experiment new things. Our team is characterized by three levels of experience: Senior, Experienced and Junior engineers. 



  • Professors and highly experienced professionals
  • Key account management
  • Sharing technical knowledge and experience with the team


  • PhD graduates or at least 4 years’ experience
  • Leading projects
  • Sharing solutions with Senior members 
  • Developing project management skills


  • Master’s degree graduate
  • Often with previous experience in industry 
  • Developing skills working on projects
  • Learning from more experienced members of the team


We value our team

Passion first

To face every day challenges knowledge and expertise are essential but not enough if you are not driven by passion. This passion is what we share in our team, and what keeps us striving for excellence in everything we do.


Employee empowerment

We don’t think of empowerment only as a business strategy to improve efficiency, but as a natural way to develop a sense of ownership and responsibility among our team. We want our employees to openly share suggestions about their work and the company as a whole. We want them to feel part of the company, as they are the ambassadors of our organization.


Proactive teamwork

One of the keys to Alma Automotive’s success is our ability to work together as a team, and support each other in finding the best solutions for different projects.

Sharing know-how and experience enables us to maximize the performance of our products and services, adding value to clients.    


Training program

To deliver excellent services and design innovative products our team’s skills and competences are of crucial importance. We pursue a continuous training program both internally by sharing technical knowledge and organizing specific training sessions, and also externally through different certification programs. We also sponsor several PhD programs, as we truly want the best preparation for our team, turned into first-class service for our customers. 


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