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Combustion analysis toolchain

Combustion analysis toolchain

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Engine development and calibration require much effort to reduce fuel consumption, control emissions and maximise performance.
Our experience, developed over 15 years in this speciality and focused on customer feedback, suggests that a real-time cycle-by-cycle combustion analysis system can greatly speed up engine development and calibration. Furthermore, it offers better controllability in respect of knock and misfire, actuation monitoring, integration with industry standard ECU calibration SW and results in faster development and reduced costs overall.
Alma Automotive developed a toolchain around the most compact Combustion Analysis System available on the market: OBI-M2. It is the result of a long-time collaboration with our main motorsport customers and is currently a key component of the engines used in the top-class motorsport championship. OBI-M2 is ideal for on-board and test bench applications during the development stage and also for small series production. 

The toolchain consists of:


  1. Alfa Centauri charge amplifier and the mASTRO modular platform for signal conditioning: voltage output amplifier and filter with selectable gain and cutoff frequency.
  2. The OBI (On Board Indicating) software installed on MIRACLE2 (Micro Rapid Controller & Logging Environment): Up to 12 pressure signals, direct connection to crankshaft position sensor, real-time cycle-by-cycle publication of combustion parameters via CAN or XCP: ideal for next cycle control strategies. Up to 12 additional channels for actuation tracking, accelerometer-based knock detection, and data acquisition. User interface for monitoring, configuration and recording (standard formats). Easy integration with the most common commercial calibration tools.
  3. The fully programmable engine and powertrain management unit SPARK: Real-Time and FPGA programming layers are completely accessible (in LabVIEW) and open. Engines up to 8 cylinders can be controlled. Compatible with any commercial calibration tool via CAN or XCP.


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