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Originally established as a spin-off of University of Bologna, Alma Automotive represents the synergy between knowledge acquired in academic research activities and years of experience in developing applied solutions. The company has now evolved to offer both ready-to-use products and technical consulting services supported by bespoke hardware and software solutions.  


Our company was born in the so called Italian Motor Valley in the Emilia-Romagna region, where some of the most exclusive car and motorbike makers in the world come from. We have grown in this environment surrounded by racing cars, supercars and motorbikes and turned our passion for engines and cars into our job.

The strong relationship we have with top-tier automotive companies is testimonial to the high level of skill and quality of services offered to our clients.


The core areas of expertise that characterize Alma Automotive are: Real-Time control & measurement systems, powertrain analysis and modeling for calibration and control, control algorithms development and race performance analysis.

Our headquarters are in the center of Bologna. We have access to two test facilities, equipped with engine test benches featuring complete automation systems, combustion analysis tools and virtual engine control units.



Highly oriented towards new challenges, Alma Automotive’s mission is to provide innovative solutions and tools to help customers in the development of ever more efficient engines and powertrains.


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