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Test Bed measurement and control/process control.





The software allow building a customized measurement and control workspace. The user ha access via a menu driven interface to the following functions:

  • Input channel configuration (signal definition in mechanical units)
  • Output signals configuration (channel definition in Volt/Ampere)
  • Virtual channels configuration (algebraic operations on actual channels)
  • PID configuration for custom control
  • Alarms configuration
  • Automatic test configuration (maps, profiles, automatically triggered sequences)
  • Logger configuration

The workspace can be built by means of the following instruments (for each one filter cut-off frequency, significand digits, font, color, ecc. can be configured separately):

  • Analog indicator
  • Digital Indicator
  • Bar Indicator
  • Alarm indicator
  • Digital control (output)
  • Multi-channel graph

The instruments can be associated to digital (PWM, frequency) channels, analog channels (converted to mechanical units by means of linearization or maps), output channels or alarms.
The test bed control system can be integrated with specific applications, such as HeatIT RT (a dedicated indicating panel is provided, together with an oscilloscope window for high frequency signals; synchronized data acquisition is also possible). Other customer-defined applications can be integrated (torsional vibration analysis, valves motion analysis, high-speed camera management, etc.).



Compatible with both cRIO and PXI platforms, it uses FPGA, RT and host-pc layers, I/O boards must be chosen according to the number of desired inputs/outputs.



Easy-to-use, fully programmable interface: it can also be used for process control.
Compatible with many types of sensors/actuators (current/voltage analog, digital up to 60V, bus, etc.) doesn't need any other installed software.


External Hardware compatibility

  • Combustion analysis systems: AVL Indimaster, Alma Automotive OBI/HeatIT RT
  • ECU calibration systems: ETAS INCA, ATI Vision
  • Fuel consumption measurements systems: AVL 733s
  • Pollutant emission measurement systems: AMA4000, smokemeters
  • Electric motors controllers, inverters, etc...
  • Other standalone measurement systems: powerline analyzer, micrometers, etc...
  • Actuators: Linear electric motors, stepper motors, etc...



User-defined functions can be implemented on request. An open version can also be provided, if the customer wants to access low level algorithms to build custom applications.


Software requirements

The software is provided as a royalty free compiled executable,which means that no other licenses are required (i.e. National Instruments Labview), apart Alma Automotive's.

For pricing, demo versions and further information, please contact us.


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