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Real time analysis of in-cylinder pressure signals, with the aim of describing in details the combustion process



Real-time, cycle-by-cycle and cylinder-by-cylinder evaluation of:

  • Indicated Mean Effective Pressure (IMEP, IMEPH, IMEPL)
  • Maximum In-cylinder pressure and corresponding crankshaft angle (Pmax, APmax)
  • Maximum In-cylinder pressure gradient and corresponding crankshaft angle (PGmax, APGmax)
  • Maximum cumulative heat release (Qmax)
  • MFB5-MFB50-MFB90 angles
  • Knock indexes (MAPO, Integral)

The system is able to perform the RT calculations for up to 12 cylinders, up to 20000 rpm (depending on the target hardware and the number of cylinders).

Both RT data (cycle base) and raw data (in-cylinder pressure samples and angular position information) can be synchronously saved. Statistical analysis (Min/Max/Mean value, standard deviation, Coefficient of Variation, Number of misfires, Knock level evaluated over a given buffer of engine cycles) is also available in real time.



Compatible with both cRIO and PXI platforms, it uses FPGA, RT and Host-PC layers, I/O boards must be chosen according to the number of available inputs/desired outputs. Best with FPGA LX50 or higher and processor 9022 or higher

 HeatIT RT


  • Does not need an optical encoder (can work with standard sensor wheels)
  • Can be used on-board the vehicle
  • Starts logging from the first crankshaft movement
  • Raw data can be analyzed and saved in the angular domain with the off-line application (HeatIT Off)
  • Does not need any other software installed



Low speed (up to 100Hz) analog input, Digital I/O (PWM, frequency), analog output, CAN or serial I/O (towards Puma open, Inca, ECU, ...)



User defined functions can be implemented on request. For example false alarms/missing diagnosis evaluation (misfire or knock). A combustion phase calibration tool can also be added, for a rapid calibration of SA based on IMEP optimization.


Software requirements

The software is provided as a royalty free compiled executable,which means that no other licenses are required (i.e. National Instruments Labview), apart Alma Automotive's.


For pricing, demo versions and further information, please contact us.


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